An experienced and dedicated team of China experts awaits you at the institute. Our teaching staff are officially certified language teachers who are licensed by Hanban to teach Chinese language abroad. Thus state of the art didactics and methodology in Chinese language education are  guaranteed.

Director of the Institute
Prof. Dr. Richard Trappl
Professor at the  Institute of East Asian Studies / Sinology at the University of Vienna

Director of the Institute
Prof. Li Kaning
Professor for German Studies at Hohot University

Office Manager
Padraig Lysaght MA

Mag. Ciel Faffelberger

Assistant Office Manager 



Teaching staff

SHI Jiani  MA, TIAN Bettina MA

WANG Zhehua MA, CHEN Chen BA, CHEN Sining BA, LI Anqi BA, XUE Ruzheng BA

Course Programme Manager

TIAN Bettina MA


LI Anqi BA


HSK Exam and Confucius Institute Scholarships

TIAN Bettina MA


LI Anqi BA


Project Management

SHI Jiani MA (CH/EN)

Project Assistants
CHEN Sining BA, XUE Ruzheng BA