1. Registration for Taster course in September 2017 starts on Sept. 1, 2017.

2. 2017WS Course Information will be updated on Sept. 4, 2017. Registration starts on Sept. 04, 2017.


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Chinese Taster Course

You are interested in China and the Chinese language? In a free introductory course you will learn the characteristics of the Chinese language and master some basic sentences and characters - Chinese is not as difficult as one might think!

New courses


Specialist course in Chinese language

Special courses for specialist areas such as law, medicine, economics, etc., can be offered individually by appointment, an example of which is the arrangement of the course “Technical Chinese” jointly provided by the Technical University of Vienna and the Confucius Institute. Please contact us with your individual request.

Flexible individual course (KI-ECK-2017)

It is the most personalized way to learn Chinese. You can define the goals and arrange the most ideal dates for you. Please contact us with your individual request.

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