of the Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna

"Confucius said..." by Liu Xubing and Mag. Wang Jing

The Confucianism of Confucius and Mencius is the core of Chinese culture, it is basis and essence of Chinas traditional culture.  “Confucius said …” debuts in breaking with convention around the division of the subject; the book is divided into the following chapters: perceptions of the ideal, administration, rites and music, studies, family, friendships, life and nature.

This book offers comments and interpretations of several thoughtfully selected passages of the Confucian classic “Analects” (Lunyu). Proper translations and the use of the pinyin system break the boundaries and barriers of language and thus combine ancient wisdom with all aspects of modern life, which inspires the readers and brings Confucius and Mencius back to our world.

Publisher: BACOPA   ISBN: 978-3-902735-32-4

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"Austria - China" by Dr. Ernst Laschan and Mag. Wang Jing

Austria, with its rich musical and cultural heritage, with its picturesque landscapes and comfortable living environment, is a world-famous tourist destination.
By introducing the Austrian education system, industry, medicine, hi-tech industries and other aspects of this "pearl of the Alps", this book aims to show you a country, though limited in space, but rich in spiritual wealth and creative ability. Furthermore, the intensive cooperations between Austria and China are another focus of this book.
In Chinese.

Publisher: BACOPA   ISBN: 978-3-902735-31-7

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See you soon – Textbook and Exercise book

Bis Bald is a textbook for students in German-speaking Region and is based on the requirements of the new HSK test and CEF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Bis Bald concentrates on the characteristics of the Chinese learners in German-speaking Region and the practical situation of the middle school students, and emphasizes the developing of the Chinese communication skills. “回见(Huíjiàn)1” contains various subjects such as family, school life, hobby, time, weather, food and shopping.

Publisher: CBT China Book Trading GmbH   ISBN:  978-3-941284-11-1(Exercising book 978-3-941284-12-8)

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Chinese for all

Written under the concept of "learning Chinese within the shortest time", this textbook is suitable for beginners in Chinese. It also has the matched multimedia software which contains characters, language, pictures and cartoons in it, and is easy to handle.

Publisher: Foreign Language Press   ISBN: 978-7-119-06841-1

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Compact Chinese-German Character Dictionary

The Englisch version of this "Compact Chinese-German Character Dictionary" has received excellent reviews and has been sold out within three month.
This dictionary adopted the "Yiwuma-code", which offers the opportunity to search for words without knowing the exact pronounciation, radicals and strokes. Thus, the "Compact Chinese-German Character Dictionary" is particularly suitable for beginners!

Publisher: Foreign Language Press   ISBN: 978-7-119-06877-0

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Dictionary of Economic Terms – German-Chinese

Published in cooperation with the Austrian Economics Center, this dictionary includes more than 1200 economic terms. All terms are listed in the Pinyin phonetic transcription and are accompanied by brief explanations, which allow learners to pronounce the words correctly.

Publisher: echomedia   ISBN: 978-3-90-67255-1

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Made in China – 7 Chinese Fairytales (Audiobook)

The image we have of a foreign culture is rarely as true, as when we approach it through the stories of its people, which were handed down for generations and are told to the present day. This collection of traditional fables gives a closer insight into the world of Chinese legends and their ethnic diversity.

Go on an acoustic expedition through the world of traditional Chinese culture!

Publisher: Letter P   ISBN: 978-3-9503168-3-4

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