Opening hours: 14:00-16:30, from Tuesday to Thursday Library is closed when Confucius Institute holds important cultural activities or meetings.



Library card

Materials required: Copy of ID card, personal telephone number and email address

Deposit: 50 euros

When returning the card, we will refund the deposit if all the books are returned



Lending service

Please find the marks on shelf for those books which can be lended.

At most two books can be borrowed at a time.

One is able to have the books for no more than 30 days (including the borrowing and returning dates). If one fails to return a book by its due date, 0.2 euro per day per book will be charged out of the deposit. The lending privileges will be permanently revoked after three times of undued return. By then we will refund the deposit balance.

Please check if the books are in good status before borrowing and return it undamaged (with CDs if there is any). For any damage or loss, a certain amount of fees will be charged.



Purchase and copy

Textbooks and HSK test papers are not accessible to borrowing and copying. They can only be purchased.

For other books, copying service is provided (within 10 pages, free; 0.1 euro per page for excess ones).


                               Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna reserves the final interpretation