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 Professor Zhen Feng, Renmin University of China

Financial Reform and Internationalization of the Renminbi


Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019, 18:00 Uhr



The Internationalization of the Renminbi is the main engine to push China into continuing its reform and opening up process. Firstly, it can improve the opening of the financial markets, and promote the marketization of financial price, which will be a market-based interest rate in the domestic market and a floating exchange rate in the international market. Secondly, it will encourage overseas direct investment and let the private capital power to go abroad since private sector has developed well, but has come under pressure in the mainland. Thirdly, it will improve the regional and international cooperation in improving free trade, construction of infrastructure, and it may also improve China’s participation in international affairs. In the new environment of world politics and economics, all of these must happen guided by the principles of peace, equality and shared benefits. 

The talk has three main parts: The first part will introduce the background and reasons why to promote Renminbi internationalization, with the main reason being not to expand but to push the domestic reform to go further. The second part will show the market development in trade settlement, investment, clearing and regulation, followed by a summary of the “China model” of financial market liberalization and the main viewpoints among policy makers, academia, and the markets in China, the US and the EU. The third part will give prospects of strategy and the direction of the Renminbi in the future with a discussion on theory problems.

In summary, Renminbi internationalization is not a challenge to the US or the world, but a challenge to China herself whether she can continue her reform process or not. The “China model” should also follow the basic international rules to further encourage China to be a nice and active member in the world economic and political system. Against this background, China and the EU have wide areas of collaboration to improve free trade and growth of world economy, and to support global inclusive development.


ZHEN Feng is Associate Professor of economics at the School of Statistics, Renmin University of China and an affiliated researcher at UNU-MERIT. He holds a PhD in economics from Renmin University of China. He has worked as economist in Bank of China headquarters and as a postdoctoral researcher in the Chinese Academy of Social Science, assistant 2 professor in the Central University of Finance and Economics. He has also worked as senior lecturer in the University of Zimbabwe, visiting researcher in CREST- INSEE, and elected member of the International Statistical Institute. His research areas mainly focus on applied statistics, innovation and competition, and international finance and banking, especially with the topic of the internationalization of the Renminbi. He has done consulting work widely in branches of the Chinese central government like National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Water Resources, National Bureau of Statistics, State Intellectual Property Office, and local government like Beijing, Zhejiang, Tibet, Shenzhen and Macau.


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